Hey Girl

Its been a long long time. 
And For Science is finally up on Bandcamp for $10!

*Cute dog not included. 


6 PM. For Science Arrives!

The time has come.
Andy Asteroids is releasing For Science on BandCamp at 6 PM!
heres the link: http://andyasteroids.bandcamp.com/
We are all pretty excited and so glad that we can finally show this to everyone!

So tell your friends, take a listen, and have a good time! :D


Out with the new, in with old.

The Black Eyed Peas. If I asked you to define them with three songs, im sure you would tell me “I Gotta Feeling” “Boom Boom Pow” and “Where is the Love.” And im sure you know that they have 4 albums out. But did you know that there were two before Elephunk? 
These two albums, i think, define what The Black Eyed Peas are for me. The sound was real and raw. It was hip-hop. Not dance music. No software instruments. Just, hip-hop.

Here is their first album, Behind the Front:

Notice that is only three members. Taboo, Will.i.am, and apl.de.ap. These three couldnt have better chemistry with each other. All of the instruments used in the album were real. And that, changes an album entirely. Behind the Front felt so raw to me. It was so raw, they all had hair back then. Well, Taboo, he still has his. This is by far my favorite BEP album. I suggest you take a listen to it.

Now we will take a look at them now. The Beginning:  

A totally different sound is presented here on this album. Centered around club music and partying. Not really so much about originality and positivity like on Behind the Front. As you can see on the album artwork, Fergie, has been added. She has been with the crew ever since Elephunk. Now, The Black Eyed Peas are 100% digital. Even the picture depicts their digitalized selves. Im not completely happy with this album, but I am happy for them. They are more successful than they were in the 90’s. You know, now that I think about it, i think they were hinting the fact that they were changing. On the track “They Don’t Want Music (feat. James Brown)” on the album Monkey Business, James Brown says” They dont want music. They dont know how to use it. All they want is the ‘boom boom boom boom” They were all about music instead of the beat. Now they have completely taken a turn and thrown away the music for the beat. I just hope they go back to their roots one day. 

But, honestly. What band/group doesn’t stay true to their roots these days?


Here is a band..

Andy Asteroids


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